Grave of Shaka’s Mother, Nandi

» » » » Grave of Shaka’s Mother, Nandi

Nandi featured prominently in Shaka’s life and it is believed that her death from dysentery in early August 1827 was followed by a prolonged period of mourning during which many people were killed for not displaying adequate grief. Henry Francis Fynn, a white trader and traveller in Zululand during Shaka’s reign, heard – though he was not allowed to witness the burial of Nandi – that ‘ten maidens’ were buried alive with Nandi to care for her in the afterworld.

About 3,4kms after the Tap Tap Liquor Store, turn right and follow the signage to Nandi’s grave. The gravesite is about 3kms off the P230.

  • Emgosinaneni, KwaZulu-Natal
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