Ongoye Forest

The beauty of Ongoye Forest is its combination of textures – the velvet-like grassy hills fringed by tall dense forest with great granite domes emerging at random along the ridges. The 3 900-hectare forest runs for about 10kms on a high ridge parallel to the ocean and is about 4kms wide. Botanically rich as it contains plants from the temperate Eastern Cape forests as well as the forests of tropical Africa. It is also home to rare and endemic animals and birds such as the Red Squirrel, the Green Barbet, the yellow-streaked Bulbul and the green butterfly.

The western side of the forest can be accessed by taking the P240 off the P230 just before reaching the KwaBulawayo Cultural Centre. The eastern side is best accessed from the R102. Accommodation is available at the Ongoye Forest Birders’Camp on the eastern side of the forest.

  • Ongoye Forest, KwaZulu-Natal
  • -28.856883888698604, 31.646989989283156
  • 083 225 5960