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After assassinating his half-brother King Shaka in 1828, Dingane became king of the Zulus and established his capital at Mgungundlovu in the Valley of the Kings. In its layout, Mgungundlovu was oval in shape and consisted of between 1 400 and 1 700 traditional grass huts. Directly opposite the main entrance about 600m away on the higher slope was the isigodlo – the highly protected Royal Enclosure (isigodlo). Here King Dingane kept about 500 women. Parts of this area including King Dingane’s Great Hut have been restored and are a fascinating walk back in time. A modern interpretative centre gives a state of the art presentation on the life of kings of the Zulus. uMgungundlovu Multi-Media Centre is a unique addition to the Emakhosini Valley Projects. It hosts the original 17 Legislative Assembly wall tapestries, a unique film theatre and Hall of the Zulu Kings. There is a viewing tower and conference centre.

The turnoff to Mgungundlovu is on the R34 to Vryheid. Mgungundlovu Heritage Park contains the burial sites of several Zulu kings, including that of Senzangakhona, King Dinuzulu, Jama and Nkosinkhulu kaNalandela (1627-1709), who is considered to be the progenitor of the Zulu people and founder of the Zulu royal dynasty.

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