Ntumeni Nature Reserve

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The 750-hectare Reserve is the forest of one’s childhood fantasies. It has a particularly high and impressive canopy provided by trees such as the Giant Umzimbeet, the African Wild Plum and Flatcrowns. It is filled with fern-covered gorges and waterfalls and the understorey is open and uncrowded making it easy to spot the gems of the forest which are its cycads and colonies of Clivia. There are no facilities other than a clearing in the forest with two picnic tables and two trails which start at the picnic site. The uPiti Trail is a circular route and takes about two hours to walk. The uKhozi Trail takes about four hours and covers some strenuous terrain through a gorge. There is a spectacular waterfall on the Ngoje stream at the halfway point along the trail.

Continue past the Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk for about 15kms on the road towards Nkandla. Turn left at the sign to Ntumeni Nature Reserve.

  • Ntumeni Nature Reserve, Eshowe
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