Ntendeka Wilderness Area, Ngome Forest

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Ntendeka Wilderness Area is a 5 230-ha reserve of indigenous high forest, exceptionally rich in plant life that exhibits strong tropical elements, unusual for an area far from the sea. This tropical environment is created by the interaction of numerous physical factors such as the substantial annual rainfall, the cool, moist winds of winter and the steep south east facing forested slopes, which receive little frost or sun. It is a forest rich in ferns, orchids and lilies. The rock shelter known as Cetshwayo’s Refuge situated under one of the impressive cliffs of the area, is said to be have been the place where King Cetshwayo took shelter when fleeing from the British after his defeat at the Battle of Ulundi. The forest has several hiking trails with labels on many of the impressive trees. There is a rustic campsite with six stands and shared ablution facilities. Hot water is available from a fire-heated cylinder.

Continue for several kilometres past Ngome on the R618, on the left there is a small sign at the entrance.

  • Ngome, KwaZulu-Natal
  • -27.8183556,31.41338611111111
  • 034 967 9100
  • 082 894 9410 / 072 207 6145