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King Mpande gave permission to Rev Hans Schreuder of the Norwegian Mission Society to start a mission station at Ntumeni in the early 1850’s. Schreuder had considerable practical skill in trades such as carpentry and succeeded in winning the king over through his medical knowledge which soothed many of the king’s minor ailments. Schreuder even constructed a mobile wooden chair (now in the Zululand Mission Museum in Eshowe) for the obese king.The original church houses the beautifully-constructed wooden reredos and pulpit by the early missionaries but the original church bell is now housed in the Mission Museum.

The mission is close to the Nkandla road, about 20kms from Eshowe.

  • Nkangala, KwaZulu-Natal
  • -28.8535306, 31.325758333333333
  • 082 484 7406