King Cetshwayo Memorial

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Following King Cetshwayo’s return from exile in the Cape in 1883, he was reinstated as king of the Zulus but with greatly limited powers and in his absence new power struggles had developed bringing Zululand to the brink of civil war. Cetshwayo was placed under the protection of the British Resident at Eshowe where he was allotted a small house close to The Residency. Here he could receive his brothers and a few close supporters but a few months after moving to Eshowe he died unexpectedly after eating a meal. The exact cause of his death was never ascertained.

Turn left into Chadwick Rd, opposite the turn off to the Fort Nongqayi Museum village, on Main Street. A small cement block towards the end of William Chadwick Road marks the site of King Cetshwayo’s residence.

  • 26 William Chadwick Street, Eshowe
  • -28.9083417, 31.456777777777777