Grave of King Cetshwayo

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Following the death of King Cetshwayo, his attendants, according to the ancient custom, placed the body in a sitting position tied to the central post of the hut. The but was then sealed and plastered with mud so that no smell of putrefaction could escape. His followers wished to bury their king with his ancestors at eMakhosini (The Valley of the Kings) but due to the civil strife between the Zulu factions at the time his remains were transported to Nkandla on oxwagon two months later and he was buried in the valley below Nkandla Forest near the home of Luhungu Shezi on 10 April 1884.

There is no signage at all to indicate where the grave is located. It is recommended that visitors engage tour operators if they wish to visit the site as it is a complex route and a robust vehicle is required.

  • Mome Area of Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal
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  • 082 484 7406 / 072 711 4413