Dlinza Forest Nature Reserve

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The town of Eshowe has grown around the enchanting Dlinza Forest and it is probably the most accessible of Zululand’s forests. There are two hiking trails through the forest as well as a drive on a rough track through the centre of the forest where visitors can still glimpse a secretive blue duiker or bushbuck. Visitors can get a new perspective on the forest – a bird’s eyeview – from the Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk. The boardwalk – the first in South Africa – is a 125m-walkway which takes visitors from the forest understorey into its leafy canopy giving a close glimpse of life high above the forest floor – birds nesting and feeding, epiphytic orchids flowering in dappled light and giant trees competing for light and space. At the end of the walkway, visitors can climb the 20m high viewing tower which emerges above the canopy of the trees and has magnificent views over the forest and of the countryside leading down to the coast. Signposted in Kangela Str.

Opening Hours: 06h00-17h00 (Sept-April) & 07h00-17h00 (May-Aug).

  • 2 Oftebro St, Eshowe
  • -28.896117, 31.452921
  • 035 474 4029